Sunday, 23 July 2017

Wind Powered Vehicle Challenge

During the first 2-3 weeks of term 3 , we are having a bit of a technology challenge with chocolate prizes for the 3 place getters (Mr.B LOVES chocolate so I will be entering as well). This is under our provocation title of How Stuff Works.

We have loaded a number of Youtube clips showing various plastic recycled models onto our seesaw blog for viewing and as a potential model. There are wind powered sail vehicles, balloon and rubber band propelled ones as well, so we will see how the competition- and enthusiasm is - to see just how many we make.

The idea for the wind powered vehicles is to firstly, look at the clips and get inspired. Start bringing plastic bottles, caps, string, old C.D discs for wheels.We will supply skewers, straws and hot glue guns and CHOCOLATE bars as prizes. Also, Mr.B will bring his leaf blower as out constant wind source.

Learning that we hope will take place.

The idea is that the children will work through the technology process of :plan and make a 'car' as per the design brief.Make a model to trial and work through the process of testing/adapting and making changes to their models and understand that there is a relationship between materials used and performance ( light is best!)We will touch on friction, weight and sail area as these come up in discussions.

Watch this space!!!

The blurb below appeared on our blog outlying the design brief and challenge requirements.


  1. your sail cars look cool I made one and the sail was as high as my wast and the winner of our sail cars was me I don't know if your class did a race if you did who was your winner?

  2. Your sail cars look cool I hope you enjoy if you raced who won?

  3. Your sail cars look cool I hope you enjoy if you raced who won?

  4. Wow Koru 3! Your blog is 1- looking Amazing and 2- The sail cars look great! It had to have been fun, if you raced who won?

  5. I can tell that you put alot of effort into it like what spencer said who won?